CD – Skylines (contains the theme from ‘Agatha Christie’s Poirot’)

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“Skylines” is a collection of instrumentals, mostly composed and recorded seven years ago, although I had composed one or two of the themes many years previously.“The Belgian Detective” is the theme music from the long running TV series “Agatha Christie’s Poirot,” starring David Suchet. Stan Sulzmann, the well known jazz saxophonist, made this tune his own, performing on nearly every episode in innumerable variations. In fact Chris Dibble, recording engineer, renamed Stan’s instrument “the Poirotphone.”“With the Right One” is the tune I wrote in 1970, and which accompanied all the Martini commercials. I have always wanted to do an extended version of it, and here it is in a Latin treatment, thought up when I visited Rio de Janeiro in 2004. Phil Todd is the marvellous alto saxophone soloist.Two other tunes started life as tracks for television. “A Theme for Black Magic” is an extended version of the mysterious commercials which always carried the tag line “Who knows the secret of the Black Magic box?” “What’s your Problem?” was a consumer programme which ran in the West Country. In each case I’d always wanted to extend the music beyond the original 30 second format. Otherwise all the tracks are new, and relate to people and places I’ve known. Consequently some are redolent of the 70’s 80’s and 90’s. Some are sweet and gentle, “Sweet Child,” “And a Bird Watches,” A Sad Tale,” and “Was it Love?” Others are fast, up-tempo, and jazzy – “Interstae 95,” “Street Games,” “Fast Dada,” “Rockers,” and “Pomp.” I played most of the instruments myself, gradually putting the tracks together at home in between film/TV scores and writing my “concert” music – and I had a lot of fun returning to the project from time to time. I added Stan Sulzmann and Phil Todd on several tracks, and Nicole Tibbels was summoned at short notice to make her special contribution to “A Theme for Black Magic.” Finally, I mixed nearly everything myself, venturing out to Lansdowne Recording Studios for Chris Dibble to mix “A Theme for Black Magic” and “The Belgian Detective.”

Track Listing

  1. Skyline – dawn (+) 1.36
  2. Interstate 95 4.07
  3. With the Right One (+) 4.52
  4. Street Games (+) 5.24
  5. Sweet Child 5.01
  6. A Theme for Black Magic * (++) (+++) 3.03
  7. Fast Dada (+) 5.13
  8. They Dine in Smart Cafes (+) 4.14
  9. Rockers 3.43
  10. The Belgian Detective – theme from ‘Agatha Christie’s Poirot’ * (++) 2.27
  11. And a Bird Watches…. (+) 4.35
  12. Pomp 4.46
  13. Desert (+) 2.06
  14. A Sad Tale (+) 3.42
  15. What’s your Problem? 3.38
  16. Easy Now! (+) 4.30
  17. Was it Love? (+) 5.18
  18. 18. Skyline – dusk (+) 2.51

Recorded and mixed by Christopher Gunning (Ranelagh Studios)

*Recorded and mixed by Chris Dibble (Lansdowne Recording Studios)
All items composed, arranged and performed by Christopher Gunning.
(+) featuring Phil Todd (soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, EWI)
(++) featuring Stan Sulzmann (alto saxophone, bass flute)
(+++) featuring Nicole Tibbels (soprano)


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